Pre-Procedure Recommendations

  1. Don’t drink any caffeine before you come.
  2. Discontinue any IBProphen, fish oil or Aspirin for 2 weeks or until after your appointment.
  3. Take any allergy medication like Claratin the night before and hour before your appointment. It helps your eyes not to water.
  4. Take 3 vitamin K-1 pills (The Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon) for 7 days before you come that helps you to not bleed or swell. (Unless you’re Dr. recommends a different amount).
  5. Discontinue any brow/lash growth serums until after your appointment.
  6. Ask your Dr. or Dentist for 10 mg of Valium or Xanax. This will help your eyes to relax and numb better for an eyeliner procedure.
  7. If you’re getting your lips done and have had a cold sore before. Take Valtrex or Zovirax the day before, Day of, and day after to prevent getting any cold sores.

After Care Instructions

Apply ice after the procedure for 15 minutes then take it off for 15 minutes then put ice back on for 15 minutes, repeat until it’s been an hour and a half. You may want to do this the next morning as well. Arnica will reduce bruising or take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to reduce swelling if needed.

  • Do not take a shower the first day, wait until tomorrow.
  • Don’t tan or swim for 7 days.
  • Don’t do any exercise for the first 3 days because excessive sweating can pull pigment out.
  • Do not use soap or lotion on the affected area for the seven days following a procedure. You may use a slightly warm wash cloth and lightly wash the procedure area 3-5 times a day.
  • Do not pick scabs or the pigment will come out. Don’t use Neosporin; it will pull the pigment out.
  • After 10 days wear sunscreen daily to prevent fading.
  • Sleep elevated the first 3 days to prevent swelling.

It is normal for the procedure area to scab, have color come off, look blotchy, look too light when color comes off. The color will darken back up in 3-4 weeks. Schedule your touchup no sooner than 4-8 weeks later. Text My secretary at 801-372-1680


Keep ointment on eyes. Apply with Q-tip or clean finger, once every hour for 7 days. Rinse eyes with saline solution or Silver twice a day to avoid an infection. Put Silver in your eyes every 15 minutes until they feel back to normal.


Apply ointment with a Q-tip 5-7 times a days or as often as needed for the first week. The second
week use new chapstick on your brows to keep them moist. If the ointment is itchy use vitamin E

Microblade Eyebrows-

Apply ointment 3 times a day for a week. Don't get wet for 3 days. No makeup, soap, or lotion for a week.


Apply ointment on lips once every hour for 7 days. Keep the lips really moist for two weeks.


Using colloidal silver 5-7 x a day for 7 days will help your makeup heal a lot faster and prevents infection. I recommend Mountain Minerals brand you can buy it on amazon or a health food store. Use a Q-tip, dip it in the bottle and scrub your brows and lips with it.

No make-up of any kind may be applied to any procedures for the first 7 days following the procedure. Use brand new make-up if you have to use makeup earlier.


Eyeliner will look 10% darker and thicker than it will be later. Keep it really moist and the scabs will slide of in
5-7 days. Eyes may become more swollen the next morning. Ice them right away, if you sleep elevated the swelling will
go down more. If you do swell, you will be swollen for 2-3 days. If you have any bruising occur, this usually goes away
after 2-5 days. Vitamin K-1 reduces your chances of swelling and bruising. If your eyeball hurts a lot later, keep your
eyes closed and wear sunglasses. Some people are able to work afterwards, most people take a days off work. You will
know what your eyeliner results are in 2 weeks. If you have any really bad eye pain call Cristianne at 801-995-8458


Eyebrows look 10-20% darker after they are done. They also look thicker than what they are going to be later.
They look really drawn on for the first 5 days. After they peel in 5-7 days, they will look a lot lighter and softened. Any
small flaws that you might see in the first 5 days, most go away after they are healed. Brows change a lot of colors in the
first 2 weeks. Its normal for them to appear yellow, orange, green, or red. The color usually disappears for 2 weeks and
will come back. The brows look light in spots until the end of the 3 rd week. You will know the color, shape and results in
3 weeks. Eyebrows will have some missing spots so a touchup will be needed for it to look the best. Eyebrows are also
dry for two weeks. Keeping them really moist and using silver will make them heal faster.


Lips will look 50% darker after they are done. They may also swell and sometimes have bruising, if you sleep
elevated the swelling will go down more. Ice them right away and all day long otherwise they will feel like they are
burning. Keep them moist and they will peal in 3-5 days. The inner lip will sluff off first and the liner last. Don’t pick
any last scabs or it will take the pigment out. After they peal they will look white for 2 weeks with not much color. By
the end of the 4 th week all the color will come through and you will then know what your results are. Lips will be dry for
2 weeks, keep them really moist and use silver to help them heal faster. You will have a few missing spots so a touchup is
needed for it to look the best. If you want to change your color the cost is $100 and must be done within the first year.