BROWS Like a BOSS Class!

This is a three day class that teaches you how to do three brow techniques. Powder Brows, Microblade Brows, and 3D hair stroke brows. You do 6 models in this class. After this class you will be certified and get a t-shirt that deems you Brows Like A Boss! This class includes a kit with all of your supplies. You can start your brow career right away! You will be certified to do permanent brows in all three techniques. This will set you above the rest so you will be the brow boss in your city. Most artists only know how to do one eyebrow technique.  You will learn my advanced numbing and procedure techniques that will set you apart.

This class is $4,000. To get enrolled in this class pay your $1,500 deposit and call or text 801-995-8458


Elite Permanent Makeup Class

This class is a three-day training course. People fly from all over the world to take my course. I've been teaching permanent cosmetics since 2007. If you're looking for the best Permanent makeup training, this is the class you want to take. In this class, you get to do six models. You learn how to do Powder Brows, Eyeliner, and Full Lips.

I'll teach you advanced numbing techniques, it's our unique combination that we have discovered on our own. It makes the client more numb, stops bleeding or bruising, it's more comfortable, and they have a faster recovery.

This class will give you a good foundation in Permanent Cosmetics. This Career is the best-kept secret for a women's job. You can make a good income in a short amount of time. While helping women feel and look beautiful. It's a rewarding career that I'm passionate about and eager to teach people.

Powder Brows is a technique that I came up with, and I was not too fond of the look of traditional brow tattoos. Powder Brows look soft, and they
are fussed around the edges so that it looks like it fades off. It's a more natural look, and people will think it's your eyebrows and not a tattoo.

Eyeliner is done in a unique way that will set you apart from other artists. We do the top and bottom eyeliner that includes a lash enhancement. I also teach you how to connect the outer corners; half of my clients want their eyeliner connected. In the world of permanent makeup, it's very rare to find artists that know how to do this. We have our exclusive ink that makes it safe to connect the eyeliner outer edge.

The full lip Color that you learn is a client favorite. Getting the lips done makes your lips produce more collagen so that your lips look fuller, and the little wrinkles around the lips go away. I teach you how to tattoo the lips to look fuller. It's a full lip color that can look like you're wearing a lip gloss or lipstick.

You get to do six models, 2 Eyebrows, 2 Eyeliners, and 2 Full Lips. Day one, we go over theory, advertising, sanitation, skin tones and face shapes. You will see me do a Powder Brow You practice on practice skin and then get to do two brow models. Day two, we work on Full Lips. I show you shaping and how to pick colors for their skin tones. I do my model
while you watch, and then you practice on practice skin. Then you do your two lip models. On the third day, you watch me do eyeliner, then you practice on the practice skin and do your two eyeliner models. When you've done all of your models, I give you your certification to do Permanent Makeup.

Your class includes a nice kit that has all of the supplies you need so that you can start working right away. It comes with a digital rotary
pen, the most popular high-quality pigments, numbing agents, replacement needles, procedure supplies and sanitation supplies and much more. You also receive an instruction manual. The class is $3,500.

To get you enrolled in one of my Elite Permanent Makeup classes pay a deposit of $1,500 and the rest of the money is due the day that class starts. If you have more questions, call or text us at 801-995-8458 follow me on Facebook and IG @permanent makeup utah.


Microblading Class

This class, I teach you two microblading techniques. The most popular method and one that is more blended. I also show you the best way to numb and stop the bleeding and skin irritation so that you can see the skin well while you're doing the procedure. Our unique method is the most comfortable for the clients and has a faster recovery than other places.

It's good to learn Microblading, it's becoming very popular and is a good
alternative for people that want a more temporary brow. I use a very high-quality ink that doesn't turn pink in a year like most microblade procedures.

Your course includes a kit with these inks and all the supplies you need so you can start working right away.

It's a two-day course, and you get to do three models. This class is $3,000, but if you do my Elite Permanent Makeup class, I give you $1,000 off this class. Call or text 801-995-8458 to pay your $1,000 deposit to get you signed up for this class.


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